Chamber, Bells Whisky
Display Gallery, London, 2014

Lorem ipsum FIX text to ‘Chamber’? Brand installation made in collaboration with Jotta and Bell’s Whisky: Message In A Bottle Project

Working in collaboration with artist Sebastian Kite, Jotta created a multi-sensory environment to communicate the powerful stories of wounded servicemen and women, honouring their bravery. Jotta were approached by Bell’s Whisky to create a large scale installation to celebrate their ongoing partnership with Help for Heroes.

Six hundred backlit bottles were mounted into a steel frame to form a circular structure conveying the unity and solidarity of members of the armed forces, and the unfailing support of their families and loved ones. On entering the space, light enveloped the viewer, its restorative properties signifying the regeneration and recovery of those wounded. An accompanying, generative soundscape brought to life the actual stories of 40 wounded service men and women and their journey to recovery.

A contemplative environment, the aromas of Bell’s whisky drifted from a heated, suspended pool at the centre of the installation creating a warm, aromatic and peaceful space. Although the subject matter discusses times of hardship, the installation suggests a sanctuary, as each story demonstrates strength, courage and triumph over adversity.

Exhibition Chamber, Display Gallery, London, UK, 25-27/06, 2014

Dimensions: L=8m, W=8m, H=3m
Media: 600 1l glass bottles, custom steel frame, springs, custom rubber bottle mounts, 1.5m ø suspended steel dish, steel drum with gel burners, 30x fluorescent light, 5.1 surround sound, sound score
Production: Jotta Studio