Wanås Konst, Sweden, 2015-2016

HUE is a research project by visual artist Sebastian Kite (UK), composer Simon Goff (UK) and choreographer Lisanne Goodhue (CAN). In September 2015, the artistic team conducted a competitive residency at the Milvus Artistic Research Center and Wanås Konst, Sweden, leading towards the creation of a performative installation.

HUE investigates the responsibility of experience in an installation and performance context, and how this can be shared between artists and their audience. Through a developed common vocabulary using the subject of colour as a bridge between visual art, dance and music, the work focuses on the process of interaction between the three media to create specific ambiances.

The installation consists of a series of spaces defined by large translucent screens, colour projection, live sound and dance. These elements combined catalyse movement and interactions between performers and audience members. The project presents a non-hierarchical scenic and temporal space that challenges traditional concepts and modes of experiencing dance performance, concert music and visual art. Performers and audiences occupy an ambulatory space together, both parties having a direct influence on the course of the piece: physically, visually and sonically.

The work combines the strengths of the three media to create a unique experience in terms of kinesthetic empathy, making use of tools at the cutting edge of technology.

To date, HUE has been manifested in the form of a residency, workshops, performances in Berlin, London, record, prints and book.


Photography: Sebastian Kite
Record Design: Netta Peltola
Mentors: Rachel Tess, Denis Machado
Residency: Milvus Artistic Research Center, Sweden


Research Questions

How can dance, sound and visual catalyse an immersive physical experience? 

Which subjects transcend creative disciplines?

How does duration relate to the perception of dance, music and visual arts?

Which subjects transcend creative disciplines?

What can collaboration be?

What strategies to employ in order to create together?

What is the influence of a medium onto the others?

What forms of dialogues can emerge between media?

How can colour function as a bridge between visual art, dance and music?

For each colour: what are the atmospheres we want to create?
How does the architecture relate to the perception of dance, music and visual arts?

What is there is no central stage?

How does time relate to experience?

What if there is no beginning or end? 

What can be a dramaturgical construct within the frame of an installation context be?

When does an installation become a performance?

What can audience participation be?

How can the influence of the audience be manifested into the performance? 

What is the feedback between audience and performers?

How can dance engage with visual arts and sound to catalyse a somatic dialogue between bodies within a performative context?

How does the architecture create a non-hierarchical and adaptable environment?
How does the visual installation affect your physical experience?

How can non musician participants be engaged in the music creation process?



HUE Record