+-0, Postbahnhof, Berlin, Germany, 2012
Lichtspiel, Import Projects, Berlin, DE, 2013
Sonica Festival, Glasgow, UK, 2013

Orbit is a kinetic light installation designed for a former railway tunnel. A series of rotors of increasing diameter and speed are positioned along the 80m space, projecting laser beams into the void. Their orbiting constellation targets towards a circular plane at the end of the tunnel.

The viewer follows the rays overhead, approaching the swirling red cells emanating from the vanishing point. The churning rumble of the revolving cogs reveals a machine in perpetual motion.

Made with Will Laslett


Dimensions: 80m L x 6m W x 6m H 
Media: 5x variable sized custom kinetic rotors, 10x 200mw laser, 3m ø suspended circular canvas, custom electronics and software


Curator: Nadim Samman
Photography: Sebastian Kite